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    DB Schenker is the top choice for people pursuing a career in the global transport and logistics industry.

    Whether you just started your career with us, or advanced your job position, we support you and actively encourage you to grow with us in over 130 countries covering all areas of business. Learn more about what makes DB Schenker the ideal place for your career and read about some outstanding career path stories from our colleagues.

    Find out more how our teams move

    Get to know our career path role models. We‘re a diverse team, from various countries and backgrounds and would like to hightlight some stories of those continuously pushing boundaries. Those who go the extra mile to make a difference and developed their careers over the last years to fulfill their dreams:

    Lukáš Fišer

    Lukáš Fišer is Head of Project Specialists - Contract Logistics at DB Schenker in the Czech Republic. He started his career path at DB Schenker 16 years ago after completing his studies and was given the opportunity to participate in an international trainee program shortly after joining the company. As part of this program, Lukáš spent six months at DB Schenker in the Netherlands and six months at DB Schenker in Germany. There he was able to gain valuable experience not only from a professional perspective, but also from a linguistic and personal one. After his return, he was promoted to Project Specialist in Logistics at DB Schenker in the Czech Republic and now leads this team as Head of Project Specialists. Lukáš says about his work:

    "When logistics is done right, our customers almost don't notice it. Because everything works smoothly and the right things are at the right site in the right quantity at the right time - and that is our goal."

    On a personal level, he is pleased that, thanks to DB Schenker and his superiors, he has always found time for his great hobby - sport - and his family in addition to his professional career.

    Pavla Hodná

    Pavla Hodná started her career at DB Schenker 15 years ago. She started working in the sales department of the logistics service provider straight after her studies and now works as a Product Specialist LTR at DB Schenker in the Czech Republic. Working in the sales department wasn't the right fit for Pavla, but she liked the corporate culture and felt very comfortable at DB Schenker. She therefore moved to the product management team shortly afterwards, where she was better able to use her great strength of looking after people.

    "Thanks to DB Schenker, I was able to find the job that suits me. I enjoy it and it inspires me to be part of a company and an industry that is constantly evolving and where everyone can bring out the best in each other,"

    says Pavla. During her career, Pavla also took the opportunity to take a break to raise a family and be with her children. She successfully returned to her job after five years and now works part-time and from home. Pavla greatly appreciates this opportunity from DB Schenker, as it makes it easy to balance career and family.

    Daria Kolodziejek

    Daria Kolodziejek is in the Vertical Market / KAM SEE at DB Schenker responsible for Retail. She began her career in September 2018 as a Tender Manager / Business Process Manager at the DB Schenker office in Vienna. In September 2020, she was given a position in the Tender Management Cluster SEE organization at SEE headquarter and now she progressing her career in the Vertical Market / KAM - Retail, since 2023. During her time, DB Schenker also made it possible for her to complete a certificate course program in “Tender and Contract Management Transport and Logistics” at the University of Economics and Business Vienna. This program allowed her to expand her knowledge and expertise as a transport and contract manager and also led to her being appointed her new position. Her motto during this exciting time in her career was:

    “The only way to be successful is to do something while you’re waiting for success.”

    Zoran Lazoroski

    Zoran Lazoroski was named Area MD of DB Schenker in North Macedonia in 2007. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Masters in Industrial Engineering. In 2018, Zoran was appointed Area MD of DB Schenker Bulgaria. He maintained his interest in continuing education and with the help of DB Schenker subsequently completed an Executive Education program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Since 2023 holds the position of area manager HU/RO/BG/GR in the cluster Southeast Europe. Zoran has the following to say about his career at DB Schenker:

    “After 21 years in this business, I remain fascinated by the idea of a globally networked world defined by complex supply chains and hard-working people who operate in the background and do everything necessary to ensure that this global systems remains up and running. This idea gives me renewed motivation every day – and it’s also a good reason for young people to start an exciting career at DB Schenker.”

    Armin Muhrer

    Armin Muhrer began a shortened apprenticeship at DB Schenker right after he completed his school leaving examinations. During his apprenticeship, he also studied economics with a focus on marketing and sales. After completing his studies, Armin became Head of Ocean Freight at the DB Schenker office in Graz and was later promoted to Head of FCL Import Austria. Armin very much appreciates the various training and professional development opportunities available at DB Schenker, the good cooperation with his colleagues in his team, and the exciting challenges in his daily activities, as there’s never a dull or boring moment on the job – which is exactly in line with his motto:

    “Make your life a masterpiece – imagine there are no limits to what you can be, have, or do.”

    Sebastian Maruszczak

    Sebastian Maruszczak began his career at DB Schenker as an apprentice. After that, he worked in the Land Transport Scheduling department, where he took part in internal DB Schenker professional development programs, including those that focus on transport management. He also completed the Leadership Toolbox management training program. Sebastian was eventually promoted to Head of direct operations branch south east Austria. Sebastian says that every day at DB Schenker brings some new exciting and challenging task or event with it. His motto is:

    “You never lose. You only either win or learn.”

    Philipp Heinle

    Philipp Heinle completed an apprenticeship as a freight forwarding agent. In 2016, he joined DB Schenker. He went to work at the international logistics service provider’s Air Freight division, where he was responsible for project expertise and project management for major customers. In 2020, Philipp assumed responsibility for the Air Freight team together with the Regional Director Southern Area. His next career step led to Head of Airfreight Austria South in 2023. Philipp has the following to say about his work at DB Schenker:

    “My colleagues and I work together over and over again to successfully manage various types of projects, and we also address new challenges every day.”

    His motto is therefore: “Major developments never result from just one person; they are always the product of teamwork.”

    Harald Finstermann

    Harald Finstermann completed the Management Development Program at DB Schenker and then became Head of System Freight Branch at the DB Schenker office in Ried. Thanks to the support provided by the company and his superiors, he was able to complete a university program in Academic Logistics and Supply Chain Management, after which he was named Head of Land Transport Branch in Ried. Today, Harald serves as Head of System Operation Southeast Europe at DB Schenker. His motto is: “Play fair and be honest!” He describes his experience at DB Schenker as follows:

    “I’ve been able to work with great colleagues at DB Schenker for 22 years now – and we all continue to support and motivate each other in our outstanding team. When you combine internal coordination with honesty, openness, determination, and consistency, you end up with long-term success as a team.”

    Nico Puhl

    Nico Puhl began his career at DB Schenker as an apprentice in 2012. He was appointed Head of Business Services at the DB Schenker office in St. Pölten just five years later. He completed the Talent Development Program SEE with the help of DB Schenker in the following year and was named Head of Land Transport St. Pölten in 2019. Nico has served as Head of Land Transport at DB Schenker in Hungary since 2021 and moved in 2023 to being Head of Land Transport for four countries in our area Black Sea. He has the following to say about his work at DB Schenker:

    “It’s important to me to work well with my team and our customers so that we can come up with the best solutions together, which enables us to offer the best possible service. After all, at the end of a working day, there’s nothing better than knowing that your customers are satisfied.”

    Nico’s motto is: “No goal is too big if you’re persistent. That’s because it’s not the things we do now and then that shape our lives; it’s the things we do consistently.”

    Andrea Foldes

    At the beginning of her career, Andrea Foldes served as PM Land Transport at DB Schenker in Slovakia and DB Schenker in Hungary. She then took part in the DB Schenker IDP training program for two years, after which she was promoted to Director Sales & Marketing at DB Schenker in Hungary – in no small part due to her newly acquired knowledge and capabilities. She later served as Key Account & Tender Manager and was then appointed Head of FESL at DB Schenker in Hungary. Now she is in the role of Division Director Fairs, Exhibitions, Removals, Sport Events, Special Projects. Andrea has the following to say about what her career has taught her:

    “Don’t be afraid to ask questions because all dreams can come true if you just have the courage to pursue them.”

    Her motto is: “If everyone moves forward together, success will come automatically.”

    Zsuzsanna Niklós

    Zsuzsanna Niklós started her career at DB Schenker as a Field Sales Executive – a position in which she gained valuable experience in project management and land transport operations. With the help of DB Schenker, she also completed a course of study in Economics during this time. After that, she worked in the Sales and Key Account Management department and she also participated in DB Schenker’s KAM/Sales Manager Development program. She successfully completed that program and was then promoted to Country Tender Manager at DB Schenker and is since 2023 in the position  Vertical Market / KAM – responsible for Healthcare. These days she serves as Head of Sales, Marketing & Tender Management, and she has also completed DB Schenker Europe’s LEAPup Development program. Zsuzsanna has the following to say about her job:

    “It’s a lot of fun to work with great people. My team is fantastic and a never-ending source of motivation for me. No day is like any other because challenges and customer requirements keep us constantly on the go – and I also learn something new every day.”

    Her motto is: “What we get when we achieve a goal is not nearly as important as what we become when we achieve it.”

    Andreas Stadler

    Andreas Stadler began his career at DB Schenker in 1984 as a trainee. He then held various positions at the company in the years that followed. In 2004, he was appointed Head of Eastern Europe at the DB Schenker office in Vienna. In 2007, he took on the position of Authorized Representative for the DB Schenker office in Vienna. Andreas went abroad after that, and in 2012 he was appointed COO Land at DB Schenker in the Czech Republic. He then moved further east just one year later, becoming Head of Land at DB Schenker Arkas in Turkey. Andreas has the following to say about his work at DB Schenker:

    “I’m proud to be able to work together in a global logistics company with people from so many different cultures. We all work as a team to develop tailored solutions for our customers. This is both challenging and motivating because there’s always something new going on and you never get stuck in a boring routine.”

    Christos Mileos

    Christos Mileos worked as Head of Customer Solutions at DB Schenker from 2015 to 2017 and was then promoted to Head of Tender Management. In 2019, he was appointed Project Manager STAR EU and was able to gain valuable experience in this capacity over the next two years. Christos’ career moved quickly after that, as he was named Head of Land Transport at DB Schenker in Greece in 2021 and since 2023 he is in the position of Head of Direct Operations Cluster Southeast Europe He has the following to say about the great career he’s had at DB Schenker:

    “With a great team and hard work anything can be achieved, no matter how difficult it might initially appear. Lots of small wins lead to big successes.”

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