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    Logistics solutions for the humanitarian market

    Humanitarian aid is needed all over the world. We bring your goods safely and quickly to people in need.

    Our mission: help people in need

    Whether it’s malaria in Africa or the war in Ukraine, the number of relief efforts is constantly increasing. So, we have made it our mission to support the humanitarian market with our logistics expertise. 

    That’s why we’ve set up a special department called aid and relief logistics, which offers logistics solutions tailored to these requirements. We provide excellent service and assure that all goods are delivered safely and on time – to where they’re urgently needed.

    Philippe Dumas, Global Head of Aid and Relief Logistics

    "Companies in the aid and relief sector must feel that their shipments are as important to us as they are to them."

    Philippe Dumas / Global Head of Aid and Relief Logistics

    How we build our humanitarian logistics solutions

    Europe - Americas - APAC - Eastern Africa: We have established control towers all over the world with the experts needed for transporting sensitive goods to difficult regions – working on behalf of the UN, INGOs, donors, governments, or humanitarian suppliers.

    Our control towers are also the central point of contact for your inquiries – from preparing quotations for complex multimodal transport solutions to coordinating entire operations. If required, we can also deploy our staff directly on-site. But no matter where we implement your humanitarian mission – we work flexibly, competently, and with all our might to find the best solution for you.

    Colleagues touching digital world map on glass panel

    All over the world

    We span the globe with a network of four control towers (Europe - North and South America - APAC - East Africa) responsible for humanitarian needs. Each control tower consists of a qualified team with regional expertise in cargo movement, customs clearance, transport capacity, road conditions, and general infrastructure capacity.

    A person wearing winter clothing and a headset looking towards an airplane and giving a thumbs up

    Land, air, and ocean

    Transporting goods to difficult countries of operation, with sometimes unpredictable conditions, is never easy. However, as a global freight forwarder we have the expertise, network strength, and experience to handle all transportation requests – regardless of the modes used.

    Two people sitting at office desks talking to each other

    Accessible 24/7

    In case of emergency or disaster relief, a team working 24/7 will take the lead and find the best and fastest solution to deliver your goods, by any means necessary (charter, hand carry…), all around the world.

    A woman in a warehouse checking a shipment of beverages

    We know all about it

    Knowing the best routes, anticipating issues, preparing fallbacks, and mastering regulations are must-haves for us. Our local branches, four dedicated regional control towers, and our approved field partners all work together to offer quality, reliability, and responsiveness any time and at every step of the way.

    Nurse wearing personal protective equipment holding a cooling box

    You can’t just toss a box across the border

    As your reliable full-service partner for special requirements, we can handle humanitarian shipments, such as:

    • Shelters
    • Emergency kits
    • Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
    • Food and WASH products
    • Vehicles and spare parts

    Contact our aid and relief logistics team

    Philippe Dumas

    Global Head of Aid & Relief Logistics

    +33(0)6 85 34 19 14

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