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    Про нас

    To shape global transport and the exchange of goods, we are committed to finding new, innovative, and sustainable ways for you and your supply chain management.

    Committed, capable, global

    Our mission is to offer value-added services that keep you competitive and your supply chain lean. We’re fascinated by integrated logistics and global trade in all its facets – serving numerous key industries with innovative and sustainable solutions.

    • Around 1,850 locations around the world

    • More than 72,700 employees worldwide

    • More than 725 warehouses worldwide

    Meet our expert teams

    Two DB Schenker employees leaning against the side of a DB Schenker truck

    On the road to new markets

    Our extensive network of land transportation branches across Europe gives you the reach to stay fast, flexible, and competitive. Whether road, rail or a combination of both, you can be sure of maximum efficiency and reliability – from a single shipment to the management of your entire land supply chain. 

    Our modern fleet and international teams of experts are at your side to ensure the results you want.

    Passenger airplane taking off at sunrise

    In the air

    When shipping per air freight, one thing is clear: your cargo has a special importance and a time-sensitive nature. That’s why we’re there for you with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that ensures that your air freight lands on time, is safe, and ready for its big debut.

    With an air freight network that covers 700 locations in 130 countries, our international teams of experts are there for you.

    Bird's eye view of a large cargo ship

    On the ocean

    Time (even nautical time) is money, which is why you can rely on fast, hassle-free, and sustainable solutions for the shipment of all your goods. Still, short transit time doesn’t mean you have to cut back on quality. From procurement and sales markets to seamless tracking and real-time updates – we give you the overview you want and the advantages you need.

    With 5,500 ocean freight containers being shipped daily to ports worldwide, our international teams of experts are at your side to ensure smooth sailing.

    Young male forklift driver lowering a pallet with boxes in a warehouse

    International experts at your service

    Our extensive contract logistics solutions add value to your supply chain management process while streamlining operations. Our expert consultation, products, and design tools cover all supply chain stages.

    Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge, customer-matching products, and extensive field of operations, we are the supply chain partner of choice for numerous global industries, corporations, and businesses. 

    Employee checking a tower of pallets in front of a warehouse

    Experience dedicated services

    We are your global 4PL partner providing world-class services to solve all your logistics needs. We take the worry out of every step as we contract all carriers and take responsibility for capacity, service, and quality – working continuously to reduce your costs, speed up your operations, and increase your sustainability and efficiency. 

    It starts with the design and engineering of your customized logistics solution – then we set up a control tower to manage, operate, and monitor your ongoing logistics needs.

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