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    ESG Strategy

    For us, sustainability is not just about the environment. It is about the earth – and the people who live on it.

    For people and for the planet

    Climatic challenges are increasingly influencing every aspect of our lives. That’s why we align ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to provide you with appropriate sustainable logistics – in the future and now. We have embarked on an ambitious journey with our main targets encompassed by the ESG dimensions (Environmental, Social, Governance).

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    Clean logistics

    By reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations, we are driving climate action, transitioning towards renewable energy, and managing resources effectively. We aim to ensure sustainable-growth measures for our target to achieve climate neutrality* by 2040, providing scope 3 emission reduction solutions and neutralizing emissions throughout the entire supply chain.

    *Using a maximum of 10% permanent carbon removal/offsets (Net Carbon Zero).

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    Thriving communities

    We drive social sustainability through safe and inclusive work conditions that attract and retain the best talent out there. By ensuring a decent and safe work environment for all our employees in all our markets, we continue to improve the lives of our people and their communities. In short, we strive to provide great work opportunities, drive gender equality, and create inclusive workplaces.

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    Shared value and transparency

    We continuously increase transparency and strive for good governance practices beyond compliance. Strengthening effective partnerships and knowledge sharing among our stakeholders plays a key role in our strategy. This is not only to enable the development of sustainable solutions, but also to ensure sustained customer value and supply chain resilience throughout our products and operations.

    What we build our future on

    In our sustainability strategic framework, we’ve been very specific about our ambitions to develop logistics that are good for you and our planet. The model encompasses three building blocks: clean logistics, thriving communities, shared value. And it is surrounded by two pillars: global partnerships, guidance and policies.

    The framework also incorporates the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There we have what we call a "mission-SDG", where we want to lead our industry, and additional "commitment-SDG", where we want to do our part in driving progress.

    Graphic showing the components of the ESG strategy

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