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At TSC, we have big days that matter to us.

Family Day

DB Schenker TSC Nanjing Family Day and Green Day was held on the 20th of May with a great success! 
There were nearly 80 families attending this activity. All of them enjoyed themselves and showed big enthusiasm to this event. We had fantastic company introduction round first at the beginning and then family members could casually visit the office while having delicious food. In the afternoon, nearly 40 families participating in CSR - Green Day in Jubao Mountain and all of them completed the whole race successfully. This is a very great event which can let our family members get to know our company and better support our work.


DB Schenker TSC Nanjing 2018 Hackathon Competition held at 29th November 2018. It is an activity like Marathon in IT field involving close teamwork with focused efforts to accomplish the given coding project in 24 hours. The competition does not only push the limits of ones’ coding skills, but also inspire the teamwork spirit in such a tight time.