We TSC Nanjing always put people first and we consider our employees our most valuable treasure. We defined the welfare package solution to guarantee our employees’ joy of working here.


  • Social Insurance and Housing Fund
  • Commercial medical insurance for
  • Employees and Employees’ child
  • Accident Insurance
  • Travel insurance


Holiday Benefit

  • Annual Leave: 12 days/year
  • Sick Leave (Full Pay) : 8 days/year
  • Other statutory holidays
  • Work at Home: 1 day/month




Company Award

  • Long Service Award
  • Best Employee Award
  • Best Newcomer Award
  • Special Contribution Award
  • Best Service Award
  • Best Project Award
  • CI Award


Other Benefits

  • Traditional Chinese Holiday Gift
  • Children Nursery Fee
  • Education Allowance
  • Annual Outing
  • Annual Health Check
  • Shuttle Bus