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Employee Stories

Helen Pei

IT Supervisor

I am Helen Pei, supervisor of DB Schenker TSC DBA team, I have been with DB Schenker for 8 years. During these years, I have been witnessing the development of TSC Nanjing and feeling evolvement in DBA team and inside myself.

On joining the company, the project of RHO database technical support had just been handed over to Nanjing team, while we were busy deploying one after the other requirements from customers we had to get ourselves familiar with database environment to solve the problems efficiently, even many times that we worked overtime to settle down problems at earliest possible time. After analyzing and summarizing every case, we have accumulated much experience.

During the cooperation with APP and Infra team, we together set up standard service process to ensure the quality of service. Four years’ experience as a supervisor offers me lead my team to better conduct technical service work.

Although the number of our team member has not been obviously increased, our business scope has developed from RHO to local countries, our service content has extended from basic daily maintenance to higher level service, the number of application systems has increased from original 40 + to 100+. Over the 8 years, TSC Nanjing has developed from original Support Center to Solution Center, the technical competence of DBA team has evolved from supporting one kind of database to multiple kinds of databases, the growing company provide us with wider platform, get us well prepared to provide services covering broader ranges.

The big family of DB Schenker gives me the opportunity to grow from an engineer to a team leader. I also learned how to stay calm and persistent when facing pressure and challenges. All of us strive to be better selves in our careers. DB Schenker keeps evolving itself by evolving its people.

Taylor Chen

IT Developer

I have been with Schenker TSC Nanjing for almost three years. I really gained a lot in Schenker.

Before joining Schenker, I am always tired with massive and repetitive coding work and I can only gain very little although paid a lot of time and energy apparently. Because of the overtime work, I had no time to learn something new which I was interested in. My career was trapped in a very narrow field. The worst thing is my passion had been consumed day by day. I was quite confused about my future those days.

Fortunately, I became a member of Schenker family. Here, I touched many other kinds of new technologies and tools. For example, we migrated many old projects to Gitlab and use the built-in CI/CD support to build, test and deploy our applications to improve the development efficiency. We also use SonarQube to scan the committed code to find the potential defect and bugs to improve the code quality. This year, I attended several trainings about DevOps and Microservice and learned a lot of knowledge about docker, Kubernetes, etc. Besides the technical ability improvement, I also got some thoughts about my personal career development. At the beginning of this year, the HR department starts a program named WING Mentoring Program. All the mentors are the managers from different

departments. Every employee can apply for it online. As a mentee, I have a face to face communication with my mentor every month. We shared a lot of stuff no matter on work or life. Sometimes I have some confusion, my mentor will take patience to provide me some instructions combining his own experience.

Schenker is a globalized company so that I have chances to work with the colleagues from other counties. Besides the technology, I also learned many culture differences from them. That's really cool. Starting from the day I joined Schenker TSC Nanjing, not only I grew a lot, but also Schenker TSC Nanjing developed itself a lot. I do believe Schenker is the first choice if you are looking for a grand stage to show yourself.

Angela Shi

IT Supervisor

I’ve been with TSC for the past 9 years since the year of 2009. From the very beginning, TSC was a company with less than 40 employees, which has gradually grown up with more than 400 employees present. As an excellent company, it has a lot of good qualities, such as relaxed working environment, competitive benefits and multi development opportunities and training. However, the most I deeply feel is the team spirit of TSC, ranging from a project team to the whole TSC. This team spirit leads TSC forward steadily. That’s why there are more and more talents join us.

Regarding Team Sprit, it flashed through our mind maybe TRUST, RESPECT, COOPERATION, AGREEMENT. In my opinion, the fundamental condition is INCLUSIVENESS. We work with our colleagues with different personalities. Some of them are direct while some of them express themselves in a euphemistic way. Some of them prefer challenges while some of them prefer doing things they are skilled in. So, how can we work well with each other in one team with one goal?

As an internationalization company, our colleagues come from different countries. We have different time zone. We have different culture backgrounds. How can we transcend cultural differences, overcome the communication gap by time zone and work in an efficiency way?

Our team works with colleagues in Essen of Germany, and the time difference is 6 hours, which means there are only 3 hours of for our collaborative work every day. What can we do in the 6 hours? Both of us consider for each other and try to do as much of the work as we can in six hours for those independent parts. And we complete the preparatory work for those parts needs co-work. In this way, we can communicate with each other only for those uncleared parts in the 3 hours together. If we need more co-work besides 3 hours, we can accommodate each other's time zone and discuss a satisfied schedule for co-work. We also have the video conference call on a regular basis every week. It is more visual for our communication in front of the camera. Usually we start the meeting with an interesting photo of our life. It makes us feel good to work in a big family, so that we can accept each other and work well with each other even we are in different time zone.

However, inclusiveness is not so simple to archive. For this, the company arranges some training to help us to learn inclusiveness. We have Insights Discovery evaluator. This help us to understand more about our behavioral and communication style. By sharing the evaluate result, we can understand each other and support each other. There are also culture awareness trainings for us to understand the culture background of other countries. We learn to select the right topic to discuss and avoid discussing those sensitive topics. Therefore, the company is not just preaching team spirit, but promoting team spirit with one step at a time.

In TSC, we respect each other, be more inclusive with each other, live in harmony with each other, and thus enjoy the happiness of work cooperation.

Andy Jia

Service Desk Agent

Looking back on the past two and half years since I Joined Schenker TSC Nanjing, I still keep the enthusiasm of a new comer and never abandon my beliefs and ideals.

Schenker TSC Nanjing is part of Deutsche Bahn, providing efficient and convenient IT services to users and customers globally. At work, we are providing excellent level of communication within the team and end-users in resolving issues and queries. The accumulation of knowledge and diverse experience of studying abroad also benefit my daily work. Collaboration with the U.S and Europe teams for task planning, job handover and regular meetings is also an important part of the ITSD position. In my daily life, I strive to play my role, treat each task with seriousness and full responsibility, and sincerely maintain the harmonious relationship within team, all of which makes everyone can work in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The work is not only recognized by department heads, but also makes me the 2017 Best Employee of the Company.

I remember that in 2016, the head office decided to change the supplier and IT service management tool - Remedy, which was used by head office as well as branches around the global at that time. Since the old platform could not meet business requirements, company headquarters decided to seek for some existing systems from other vendors in the market for a comprehensive evaluation and consideration. Due to the fact that cases and requests are received and processed through that system in our daily routines, the usability, functionality, and security of the system are all required to be fully recognized, and the final plan needs to be accepted by the teams in all regions. To achieve the goal, our team conducted a half-year test with colleagues from Europe and the Americas via real-time conference calls, compromising time difference between each other. Finally, through mail correspondence, combining valuable advice from department manager, a new IT service management system was finalized.

This is just the beginning, we have made a more in-depth plan, and to match the deadline of the project, the whole team sacrificed off work hours, giving suggestions and needs to the project manager the first time, the system has been continuously optimized and improved, and finally in May 2017, the new system “ServiceNow” was officially launched, and the total number of cases received has exceeded one million so far. The system has been continuously improved, the user-friendly interface and convenient operation also increased user satisfaction, but this didn’t stop us. To be more professional, the number of articles and knowledge are keeping growing in the system for all applications and services, which are contributed by team members located in different countries, regardless of national boundaries and language. Our users and customers will benefit from it at Schenker. Through this practice, I have become more aware of the importance and value of teamwork. Although it is not face-to-face communication, the enthusiasm for the goal and the sense of responsibility have deeply shocked me. The experience of transforming the small group into a large team also made me more actively immersed in the atmosphere of communication and cooperation in the future work.

In recent years, we have entertained many visitors from foreign countries, and conducted a return visit. Apart from that, we have established a partnership on social medias. In the future, we plan to maintain such multilateral work exchanges, visits and relationships. Through exchanges and cooperation, we will expand the international vision of all members and accelerate the integration into the global cultural family. The international “Friend Circle" is growing.

Beyond that, we have another goal to understand and respect each other's cultural differences, to establish a stable and long-lasting relationship of trust through communication and cooperation, so that we can turn better and better, and give full play to the advantages of diversity. In that case, it is believed that more efficient and creative work will be collaborated to serve our users and customers.

Alex Chen

Assistant Manager

I have been in Schenker for 6 years. When I joined Schenker TSC 6 years ago, I was 32 years old and facing to make a tough decision, to be a more technical oriented Software Engineer, or become a people-oriented Project Manager? Of course, I had no choice at that time, I interviewed for a Senior Engineer position. The choice coming after 2 years later.

At the first 2 years, I was working with 3 other developers for one application. I spent many time on the code review, knowledge share and innovation activities, which are not assigned by anybody. My intention is simple, I know how to do it, and it’s good for my personal development. My manager encouraged me and asked me to deal with some new applications. At the same time, our service received more and more positive feedbacks, our customer decided to move more application services to TSC Nanjing, the team size increased fast and I got a promotion from Senior Engineer to Application Leader. But I was unconfident about people management. Because I had some un-successful management experiences, I’m not sure I can do it better this time.

Then I joined a training course organized by Schenker. From the course, I found the cultures Schenker suggested exactly was what I‘m doing. We don’t see the situation as a competitive one, but see it as a cooperative arena. Team should work for unity and always have a long-term success vision. We call it Win Together.

I really agreed with this and kept practicing in my daily work. I find my leadership style that is Win-Win. Help others when they need. Give feedbacks on time. Motivate and Support when they needed. And I really enjoy my work in Schenker now.

Cheyenne Lu

Senior IT Supervisor

I have been with Schenker TSC NJ for the past 7 years. I was one of the original 24*7 Global SWORD support team members and was sent to Schenker head office for the 2.5-month-on-board training. I was so impressed by the combination with technology, support skills and culture training at that time and glad my decision of choosing this wonderful platform. I was pointed as the US sub-team leader for the beginning 4 years then got promoted to the supervisor of SO Support Team A. For the past 7 years, TSC NJ has grown a lot and my team developed from 15 team members to current 30 covering topics from 2 (SWORD and B2Bi) to 5 (add Sales Cloud, MDM, and SHIELD).

We consistently hire people who are smarter than ourselves and brought a lot of new blood for DB Schenker TSC Nanjing. Currently in my team, we have some colleagues who are good at Unix/Linus and help us to create new scripts to improve our support efficiency. Working in the international environment, recurring those colleagues who have over sea experience also contribute a lot for the global support and help the global customers. We have a great inspiring leadership in TSC so I was both the beneficiary and implementer. I was always inspired by my manager and benefit from the support and help from him. He has the vision and passion, meanwhile he’s very nice and supportive. Inspired by his initiation for many meaningful clubs (basketball and badminton) and activities (toastmaster), I started initiating some activities in the team and the department such as the Christmas gift exchange. Each year, this activity united the whole department colleagues together and brought a lot of good memories and increased the team’s cohesion.

Besides initiating team activities, finding the right person to do the right thing, exciting people’s potential, motivating the staff, listening to them and providing the proper feedback and training are my daily tasks that help me and the whole team continuing to grow in Schenker TSC. Nowadays, more and more colleagues from my team show their initiative in different team tasks, department outing, and company activities.

Jerry Gong

Application Support Specialist

I have been with Schenker TSC NJ for 3 years. During these three years, I grow and develop with TSC Nanjing. On the cover of notebook, our purpose makes an impression on me, since then I constantly practice on this and contribute to the company culture awareness. "We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects. "

My manager and supervisor keep influencing me with inspiring leadership. Richard Yang held many activities such as English Toast master, badminton club, encouraging employee's personal development, cultivating company's culture together and Brianna Jin usually support us with inspiring workshop and brain storming session. Encourage us to share experience and happiness. I am touched by their sincere and inspiring leadership.

I also delivered the same concept to the office and friends around me. For instance. English is critical to us ,so I founded English study group in TSC and now it's operating for almost 2 years. On the platform, with instant feedback, we improve our English skills together. By morning reading session and varieties kinds of activities, we achieved the purpose on enhancing the language ability. Meanwhile in order to improve the health condition for our IT body, we launched the program called "Plank everyday". Plank 15mins everyday, English presentation in ESG , we choose to step out of the comfortable zone.

I would like to train myself and practice on the public speech skills and leadership. I am glad that I am in the Moderator Pool for TSC Nanjing, we play the role as host for different workshops, feedback sessions and brain storming session. And I felt ultimately thrilled that in the event of 2017 Annual dinner , I played the role of MC. It turned out to be amazing and priceless later on.

It's been a great honor to work in DB Schenker TSC family, these 3 years provided with trust, cooperation and mutual support.

May Xu

IT Service Manager

I have been with DB Schenker TSC NKJ for 7 years. Why TSC attracts me for so long? Because it provides very good working environment.

We all work as one team with one goal. I joined TSC NJ right after I graduated from graduate school and started as a global customer support. In the beginning, I was a bit worried because I am the only fresh graduate in the team. Luckily, my supervisor and team members were very supportive and kind to me. No matter how experienced they are, they are open to share and help.

In 2011, we were all sent to HO in Germany for on-boarding job training. During the two-months’ training, our global team members built trustful relationship with each other and showed that we are very good team players. Especially, we got fully support in daily work from our experienced colleagues in HO. As tradition, we share knowledges within the team. We are part of global customer support team which provide 24*7 services to our customers. We are doing shifts in NKG and work together virtually with our colleagues based in Essen, Germany and Denver, US. The collaborations between each team member and three regions are very important.

In fact, we have very close communication with our colleagues in Essen and US via email, phone, jabber and WeChat. I will never forget that once I had doubt about one script. My colleague in HO walked me through the content of the scripts line by line patiently.

TSC cares for employee's personal development and work-life balance. All employees‘ hard work and high performance will be recognized. Took myself as an example, I got the “Long Service” Award and “Best employee” Award. Last year, I got job rotation opportunity to a new role as IT service manager, responsible for IT service & transition management. In order to facilitate our employee to provide high-quality services and also help employee to improve personal ability. TSC provides all kinds of internal and external trainings. e.g e-learning and class-room trainings in aspects of logistics, competency and IT domain knowledge. Meantime, there are career path development models designed for our employee. This year, mentoring program was kicked off in TSC NKG to better help with our people development within TSC Nanjing. I signed up the program as mentee and improved my communication skills and changed mindset under the coach of my mentor.

There are many other activities in TSC NKG which make our working environment very dynamic. We have English club, Badminton club, reading club, yoga club, soccer club, basketball club, annual outing, etc.

Simon Sun

IT Developer

I have been with Schenker TSC Nanjing since 2014.2.14. To me TSC Nanjing is not just a working place, it has became an vital element of my life. DB as one of the most successful logistics company, to the customer it provides great logistics solutions, to the internal employees, it mobilize the working enthusiasm and creativity in all perspectives.

TSC Nanjing is a dynamic, energetic member of the DB family. As an IT developer, my job is according to customer demand, the development of the corresponding task, and the development of the maintenance program is running. The work of programmers is tedious and arduous. As an international platform like TSC Nanjing, the company not only provides professional and rigorous training, but also provides opportunities for working and learning abroad. TSC nanjing encourages more creativity, and I passed the PMP exam and got a certificate in my first year at the company. Company officials and colleagues also organized badminton club, basketball club, English corner, German learning group, Japanese learning group, reading and sharing session. We have not only made continuous progress through company training, but also gained knowledge and wisdom through communication with excellent colleagues. When you work in an open and excellent environment, you will find that the people around you have their own bright spots, and in this environment, the excellent people are more willing to share their wisdom.