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Careers at TSC Nanjing

At TSC Nanjing, your are part of a global logistics and IT network that connects the world. A network that allows you to shape your career by encouraging you to contribute and truly to make a difference. Two available career paths will be recommended to at TSC Nanjing to encourage our employees to develop themselves and push limits.

  • Career Paths 

Usually the technical and managerial development paths are recommended to employees at TSC Nanjing, meanwhile job rotation is an additional link between these two paths for more flexible personal development plan.


Career Development

We TSC Nanjing will provide different resources to facilitate employees’ career development, including leadership programs for both current and future leaders, excellence courses and e-learning system.

  • Leadership Talent Program 
    At DB Schenker, we love to see you grow. Through our Leadership Talents Programs, you will have the chance to equip yourself with all the necessary skills that you will need to move your career to the next level – on a local and global scale.

  • Excellence Courses
    If you are looking for further skill development, we offer you a selection of excellence courses to push your development even further.
  • E-learning System
    Apart from in-house talent program, We TSC Nanjing will provide online learning system for all employees on different category courses, including Microsoft skills, office etiquettes, culture awareness, basic leadership skills…

IT Communities

To encourage technical development, at TSC Nanjing we recommend IT communities to our employees for self-improvement. In these communities, you’ll learn from our global IT experts about certain technical tools, system management concepts and the latest technological trends.

  • Schenker Test Community
    To date TSC Solution Quality Team has organized 6 test community talks for all testers within DB Schenker . The purpose of our Test Community is to share experiences and knowledge from running projects, with all Test Managers, Test Analysts and other interested Schenker employees. Test Management processes, methods and technologies for efficient solution testing, but also information from chains of test management to test automation tools will be shared and discussed. Upcoming challenges and trends will be analyzed with regards to solution testing at DB Schenker.

  • Schenker TSC Nanjing Reading Club
    A very popular activity for you to build up reading habits and improve yourself.

    Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great”, a former Indian president once said. This statement illustrates why TSC has included learning into the department strategy. The TSC Requirements Management in Nanjing has thought about how to boost and facilitate learning for all Business Analysts. We encourage intensive reading of selected books to enhance their skill set.

    PPM Requirement Engineering team conducted a brainstorming session last year end on one of PPM’s strategic initiatives– How to Develop Business Analyst Skills & Competencies. We came up with an idea to encourage intensive reading of selected books to enhance the skill set desired by Business Analysts. With this idea in mind, we finalized our initial reading list with 12 books covering logical thinking, communication, etc. We further developed our idea to organize a reading club to get people together on a regular basis to exchange ideas/thoughts about the books we have read.

    With the increase of attendees from diverse background, we changed the workshop conduction method from Team Discussion to Round-table Conference to let more colleagues be involved in our sharing's and discussions. As of today, we have organized 17 activities, and more than 50 colleagues from TSC Nanjing are now joining us. It is a great chance for you to build a reading habit, make friends and improve yourself in different ways. It’s never too late to start! Look forward to meeting you in our next reading club activity!

  • Schenker TSC Nanjing DevOps Club
    DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver IT applications and services at high velocity. As the main delivery unit in Schenker IT organization, TSC is also embracing this new approach.

    There is a DevOps community in TSC Nanjing. It’s for developers who have zest in new technologies. By joining this community, people will have the chance to participate trainings on the latest DevOps technologies & tools by German architect team and put all the knowledge into practice in some interesting internal innovation projects. Currently, the community consists of 11 members and we are waiting for more people to join.