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Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR Project in TSC Nanjing

Stray Animal Shelter Activity 2018

CSR 2018 Stray Animal Shelter Program was concluded successfully. All donations had been taken to the animal shelter at the beginning of Dec. 2018. Thanks for your active participation and generous donation!

CSR committee also collected some interesting and warm videos about our colleagues and their lovely pets, which shows people and animals can accompany each other, and live in harmony.

Go Green 2018

As the continuation of Go Green activity, CSR Steering Committee organized Tree Planting activity on 10 March 2018. 27 colleagues went to Qixia mountain park to plant trees together with their family.

Team work makes great power. With the guidance of tree planting coach, each team completed their tree planting task successfully. We totally planted more than 30 maple trees. Although the weather was hot, everyone enjoyed and all had a meaningful afternoon.

Children Care & Sale for Love 2017&2018

2017 TSC Nanjing Children care program concluded successfully, we totally received 10,718 RMB from charity auction and online cash donation. Almost 68 colleagues participated in this activity to contribute their power to help improve these migrant students’ learning environment.

On 10 Jan 2018, TSC Nanjing 14 colleagues went to Ningyan primary school with all the donations, we taught English, played games, had a memorable and meaningful afternoon with these kids.