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Let’s Read Together - TSC Nanjing 1st online Reading Talks

When you open a book, you open your mind. On this year’s World Book Day (April 23rd), TSC Nanjing Reading Club resumed its first Reading Talks during this special time, and it is also the first online Reading Talk held by Club, available to all employees even when work from home.

On this session, Anna Yang from TSC Nanjing PPM (Partner & Project Management) department shared one of books “Logical Thinking” she read, introducing some principles and approaches of how to think, analyze and express clearly and logically. Other participants have also engaged in further discussion about this topic then.

TSC Nanjing Reading Club is initiated by TSC Nanjing PPM, aiming to improving comprehensive skills and capabilities among business analysts. With increasing number of employees from various departments, Reading Club organizes different activities every year.

Reading Talks is one of them. Every time, one club member can share the book he/she read recently and there are already nearly 20 time of Talks till now. Another regular activity is Book Crossing, letting all members exchange books, as well as knowledge among each other.

Thanks to TSC Nanjing Reading Clubs’ efforts. It encourages us even though we cannot explore the world by feet during this special time, we can also keep widening our horizon by reading books!