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How does it feel to work with colleagues from 10 countries?

Technology Solution Center Nanjing is proud to have onboard excellent IT colleagues and we would like you to meet them here. 

Today we invited Steven Wang, a system engineer, who is in an international team spanning 10 countries. While completing his job, he also served as the founder and organizer of the company's German club. In the 2020 TSC Nanjing Company Award, he was recognized as one of the Best Employees. Now, let’s figure out how he manages all of it!

Portrait of Steven Wang

  • Steven, could you please introduce your job responsibility first?

As a system engineer, I am mainly responsible for providing technical support and system maintenance to end-users around the world. I will also be deeply involved in some global IT projects.

Currently, I participate in the monitoring of the entire platform for the Asia-Pacific time zone through some automated tools. When an emergency occurs on the platform, I need to deal with it immediately to ensure the stability of the related software and service.

  • I heard that you work in a very international team. How does it feel?

That’s true - we are a global team. Besides China, our team has colleagues from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Finland, Belgium, South Africa, India, and the United States. I will communicate and collaborate with these diversified colleagues together, to provide technical service for Schenker's business development.

Cooperating with colleagues in different countries and regions has allowed me to improve my IT skills, learn more native English expressions, and understand cultural differences. Working in a diversified environment enables me to broaden my horizon. I also grow up as a more professional IT engineer in this kind of cross-culture teamwork.

  • As the Best Employee, what’s your success experience?

I think the most important thing is initiative. In daily work, I will deal with tasks with independent thinking and review myself regularly. Meantime, I will discuss with my supervisor and manager actively. 

While handling my daily work well, I will also take the initiative to do some tasks that are related to the work content. For example, I will help to automate the work process and improve efficiency with low-code platforms.

At the same time, our company has a very good sharing culture, and I will often engage in internal and cross-departmental IT sharing. In my spare time, I will also actively watch some technology-related video courses, exchange ideas with colleagues, and continuously improve my technical level and communication skills.

  • It’s said that you are the founder of German club. Why you start it and how does it run now?

The intention of organizing the German Club was actually very simple. I am a person who loves to share, and I have an educational background studying in Germany. At the same time, Schenker also provides us an open and diverse cultural environment. So, why not?

In 2017, I started our German club with 5 colleagues. In the beginning, I didn't expect that it could persist until now. In fact, many of our colleagues are very motivated and active in participating in our events after work, which in turn promotes the growth of our German club.

At the same time, we also have regular Chinese-German Tandems language learning groups with our German colleagues. Here we can improve our language skills through oral communication together. In this way, everyone can learn something new, get to know more colleagues across departments, as well as Germany and its culture.

  • Any change of our company and yourself in the past four years after joining TSC Nanjing?

When I first entered our company four years ago, I could feel that it has a very harmonious working atmosphere. The colleagues were very friendly and very interesting. In recent years, the scale of TSC Nanjing has continued to expand, with excellent new colleagues joining us.

In the past few years, I have also grown from a newcomer to a more mature employee with lots of knowledge and skills. My current department also has a very open and transparent communication environment. We can speak freely and express our ideas about work and technology. Our supervisors and department managers will also listen very carefully. Our manager is also very passionate. With the lead of him, my work is fulfilled with vitality and I really enjoy growing up with my colleagues here.

Thank you Steven for sharing this!