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It’s Easy to Help! – TSC Nanjing 4th CSR activity for Children Care

What is the most precious thing in the world? It must be children's smile!           

To protect more children's smiles, TSC Nanjing has been committed to the public welfare through Children Care charity activity since 2016. On October 24th, TSC Nanjing successfully held the 2020 Children Care charity sale activity for the 4th time!

We invited our employees and their family members to join us on this one-day event. They could not only donate their spare items to the flea market, but also buy goods from others. All the sales income will be donated to Nanjing Children Welfare Institute.

What is more, to raise more money for the children support, we have collected paintings and calligraphy works created by our employees' children for the charity auction. This initiative encouraged children to introduce their works and share their creative experience. This activity received a positive response from all participants - we received a total of 27 children's works and raised a donation of 5025 yuan.

"It's Easy to Help" is the concept supporting TSC Nanjing Corporate Social Responsibility activities. It conveys the idea that everyone, even children, can try their best to make contributions to others. Do you agree with this idea? If yes, don't hesitate to join TSC Nanjing's family!