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Meet Alex Wei, TSC Nanjing Value Ambassador in 2021

Value Ambassador is the annual recognition of employees who bring our company values to live. They are nominated by colleagues and partners together. It could be anyone at DB Schenker!

Today, we would like to introduce one of TSC Nanjing Value Ambassadors, Alex Wei. He has been working in TSC Nanjing for nearly 10 years. Currently, he is leading the application operation team for the topic of Next Generation Warehouse Management System (NGW). No matter as a technical support or a team leader, he always keeps “Be One Team with One Goal” in his mind. Get to know Alex better here!

  • During these 10 years, are there any milestones of your career at TSC Nanjing?

I have started my career as an IT support in TSC Nanjing in 2011. Since then, I have been fortunately awarded by our company as Best Employees in 2015 and Value Ambassador in 2021.

If there is anything significant to me at DB Schenker, it must be NGW. In 2017, I became part of the NGW topic and then took the responsibility of the operation team in 2020. To enrich my business knowledge and skills, I also participated in the Logistic Academy, visiting 5 warehouses in different Chinese cities with other logistic experts.

  • As a team leader, how do you lead, collaborate, and develop your team members?

I would say caring and trust. We are not only colleagues, but also close friends. I know their hobbies, care about their concerns, give them support and make them feel encouraged. And they return the same to me. We are not afraid to say “DO THIS” or “DON’T DO THAT” to each other, even though it may sound a little bit straightforward. I think it is because we know we are a team, and we trust each other.

  • How is your feeling to be voted as TSC Nanjing Value Ambassadors? Which of the values you represent best in your opinion?

I am thankful that many people choose to trust me. But when I asked my colleagues around, no one admitted having voted me (Hahaha).

The first value comes into my mind is “Be One Team with One Goal”. As level-2 IT support, most of our job is to receive NGW tickets from end users and help to resolve. If we cannot tackle some of them, we will transfer them to level-3 team and find solutions together till end. This work requires us to build up connection with different teams and to work as one entire team for our customers. Hence, besides providing knowledge on how to work with the system to users from 14 countries, we have also spent a lot of effort to glue different parties together.

  • What’s your success recipe you would like to share with others?

I would summarize it as “HUTE”.

H – Hearing: Give an ear to and hear users’ concerns, build a bridge with them.

U – Understanding: Understand the root cause, do NOT judge without investigation.

T – Thinking: Think about the resolution, make the plan and review the plan regularly.

E – Execution: Execute according to the plan, help them resolve, clear their concerns.

  • Do you have any hobbies after work?

I have many hobbies like reading/listening to a book, traveling, doing sports, learning a new language, watch TV programs and sharing education experience with parents, etc.

I spend most of leisure time in my garden. I plant lots of botanies. My favorite flowers are roses, hydrangeas, clematis, and chrysanthemums. This work costs me lots of labor but I am really happy about the outcomes. To see the beautiful flowers would definitely make people feel nice, and actually I am also astonished by the strength of the green world.