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Meet Cindy Yao, TSC Nanjing Star Employee

Meet Cindy Yao, one of the TSC Nanjing Best Employees of 2020. As her supervisor introduced her, Cindy has a strong sense of responsibility and is always willing to accept changes and challenges. Let’s get more insights into her 9 years-long journey in TSC Nanjing!

  • Cindy, could you please share how is your experience working in TSC Nanjing

I joined TSC Nanjing after graduating in 2010 with a major in Computer Science and worked for two years in Wuxi as a software developer. I have now been here for more than 9 years.

My first role was about a 2nd level technical support. With the growth of our company, I have gradually focused on providing our clients with the service of PVMI (Product Vendor Managed Inventory). This system meant a lot to me because I grew up with it.

This software was initially created for a few customers. Now, it is a set of information technology solutions. With more and more customers adopting it, and the system being continuously upgraded, I gradually progressed from just providing technical support to participating in the software testing, and eventually to solution design. In every step, I've become better acquainted with this system, and I now serve as its Topic Leader and Technical Lead.

  • Your degree is in computer science, but PVMI is a system that requires extensive expertise in supply chains. Is that a challenge?

Yes, there were some challenges at the very beginning. I could quickly grasp some technical skills due to my computer background, but it was difficult to get everything at once about the warehouse management system and business logic. After a while, I felt that I could understand the system's peripheral parts, but had trouble reaching its core.

Fortunately, my colleagues in our business department patiently shared their professional knowledge with me. Then I spent over two years working on solutions and support for the warehouse management system. This on-job training experience helped me to gain a greater understanding of the system. It also helped me to become one of the key members of PVMI.

  • What did you learn from this experience?

Many of our colleagues have IT backgrounds but may not be very familiar with supply chain-related business knowledge. In this regard, one of my responsibilities now is to continuously improve and enrich PVMI's processes, documentation, and knowledge base. Thanks to that the team members can become familiar with business knowledge quickly and continue to learn.

I also take part in organizing warehouse visits supported by our company. After visiting the warehouse operation process on-site, our technical colleagues are able to provide effective solutions for business colleagues by understanding their actual situation and needs. In this way, technical colleagues can also gain more professional knowledge and understand the value of their work.

(Cindy led a team to visit Shanghai Warehouse in June 2021)

  • As a Best Employee, can you share your success recipe?

First of all, be customer-oriented. As technical support, our primary task is to help customers solve problems. To achieve this, we must continually improve our knowledge and skills. When we can better serve the customer, we can build even more trust and let technology serve the business better.

The second is cooperation and sharing. When I am sharing my knowledge, helping someone develop, or supporting members of my team to realize some of their ideas, I feel very satisfied. I believe that a successful team is one that treats each other sincerely, trusts and supports each other, and I hope our team is like this.

  • In your 9 years with TSC Nanjing, have there been any major changes of it? What about you?

Our company has grown and expanded greatly over the past years, but it has always been very warm and strong. It offers us an international platform to cooperate with worldwide colleagues and clients, which has definitely broadened my horizons.

While my colleagues have diversified personalities, they all exhibit a great deal of sincerity. Having the opportunity to work at TSC Nanjing has allowed me to become a more confident and responsible individual in my early 30s.