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Meet Grace Yang, Finance Manager in TSC Nanjing

We are happy to introduce you to another #WomenInIT – Grace Yang, Finance Manager in TSC Nanjing.

Grace Yang has joined TSC Nanjing for more than 10 years. During these years, she has witnessed great progress of this organization and grown with it together. Her department has also developed into a more professional team now. Let’s find how she made it in this interview.

  • What’s the most difference during your 10 years in TSC Nanjing? 

This biggest difference is the change of our organization. When I joined TSC Nanjing, there are tens of people, but now it is expanding to around 450 employees. Meanwhile, our structure and strategy keep updating. TSC Nanjing used to be an IT Shared Service Center in APAC, but now it is part of Technology Solution Center, providing services to more global-wise services and applications.

  • How about Finance department? How do you manage it?

Our department keeps developing during these years too. When I just joined TSC Nanjing as a supervisor, we only had a cashier and some financial related work was finished by colleagues from Shanghai. After 1 year’s effort with all team members, TSC Nanjing managed to take the accountability of most financial supporting and controlling work individually.

Our department aims to provide financial support to our organization, and it is small compared with other departments. I would like to arrange reasonable workload to every team member so that they will feel fulfilled and seek personal development while making contributions to company.

  • Is there any milestone in your career?

The most impressive milestone should be an internal audit. This internal audit was launched by DB and we lacked experience in such kind of audit at the very beginning. But we fully accepted this challenge. During that time, we not only refined the financial process and policies, but also prepared as sufficient materials as we knew. All these efforts contributed to the success of this internal audit. After this audit, we felt more confident about our previous daily operation work and had much clearer picture about what to do in the next step.

  • How do you feel about working in a company for 10 years?

Actually, most of my career experience is here with TSC Nanjing. I feel honored to witness its development and to be part of it. It also encourages me to feel recognized by our company and makes me feel confident to contribute more in this team.

  • Could you please share your success recipe?

First of all, find what you like. It is important to find a suitable job for yourself at the start of your career path. Even though you may work on something you aren’t interested in, don’t stop thinking about what you really want and give it a try.

Another point is to be patient. Life is such a long period that you can finally make a difference if you keep on it. Don’t be short-sighted. Some daily work may not contribute to obvious results in a short time, but you will find all your efforts are not in vain with continuous efforts. 

Finally, dare to challenge. For instance, tasks would not have been done well without efficient and effective processes in a multinational company, like DB Schenker. What if there were imperfections you realized and wanted those to be optimized, even if those processes have been followed for years?  You need to have enough courage and clarify yourself well, it will not only help our company to run even better, but also makes you a part of the solutions!