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Meet Rebecca Zhang: What we are doing to accelerate digitalization?

We are proud to introduce another WomeninIT- Rebecca Zhang. She is an IT Business Analyst in TSC Nanjing and one of TSC Nanjing 2020 Best Newcomers. According to her supervisor, Rebecca has a great sense of ownership and always takes the initiative in team cooperation. Let's check more about her development story here!

  • Rebecca, could you please tell us how you start your career as a Business Analyst?

Actually, I wasn’t a Business Analyst at the very beginning. I studied Computer Science in Canada, so when just graduated, I first began to work there as a software developer. During that time, I kept learning from other team members. Besides programming, I also got more knowledge and skills from our Business Analyst about how to understand customer requirements better and clearly, and always “think out of the box”. This also makes me a strong interest in this position.

Therefore, after working in Canada for 4 years, I discussed with my family and decided to return to my hometown Nanjing. Here, I would like to grow and transform to become a Business Analyst. I also spent a lot of time learning the knowledge and skills of Business Analyst and inquiring my friends. All these efforts are not in vain. Finally, I joined TSC Nanjing as a Business Analyst successfully.

After joining the company, I have received great support from our colleagues. They are very patient to answer my questions. What makes me very happy is that my experience as a developer has also allowed me to look at problems from a different perspective in this new position.

  • What’s your team focusing on?

Our team aims to cooperate with business partners to provide users with more digital solutions, especially for local users. Through deep communication with other business departments, we can more accurately understand the problems they encountered in the work, explore potential needs, and further analyze whether it is possible to solve them with digital solutions.

  • As a Business Analyst, what role do you play in your team?

Our team has different roles such as developers, UI/UX designers, etc. My job responsibility is mainly to communicate with the business department and analyze their requirements in the early stage and divide them into small tasks for developers to realize. I will also discuss with UI/UX designers to clarify each page and function. After the development is completed, I will be responsible for delivering it to the business department.

  • What are your biggest takeaways from cooperation with business departments?

During this process, I gradually broadened my horizons too. As an IT, it is very important to have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues in various departments, especially front-line business departments. In this way, we can truly understand their work and use technology to help business development. I think it is a good platform, which not only shortens the distance between various departments, but also helps to better cooperate and communicate. At present, we have collected some valuable requirements and are working on them.