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New Normal: TSC Nanjing explores the future way of working

“New Normal” is a hybrid work model allowing employees to work flexibly from different locations (office, home, etc.).

After 5 months of pilot, we are more confident to implement this “New Normal” Work Model  in whole TSC Nanjing with more flexibility starting in October 2021! There will be no fixed frequency of working from home and every department can arrange its schedule based on their different situations.

  • Why we change work model?

It based on our experience, but we care more about the future development. Global pandemic changed our life and way of working. Last Spring Festival, TSC Nanjing had to work from home for months, but we managed to survive and accumulated valuable experiences to continue our service during uncertainties.

Now, we would like to adopt a more positive attitude toward flexible working ways. We believe that if our organization can take quick and proactive actions to explore flexible working practices, we will become more agile, adaptable, resilient, and diverse in the future.

  • How we make it a success?

For an organization to develop successful “New Normal” environment, it requires mature leadership team, exploration of management methods, collaboration and communication etc.

Remote teamwork creates a challenge for leadership. “Many of our department managers were working together during Pilot.”  says Jolin Pan, New Normal Project Leader, as well as TSC Nanjing Administration Manager, “Some managers drove the digitalized process for virtual team cooperation, while others helped to organize team reunion and team building.” The collaboration of a mature management team makes this initiative a reality.

During the pilot, we also experiment the desk-sharing approach under hybrid working way. We encourage employees to do cross-functional cooperation and communication without restriction of fixed desks. We also hope our working environment could be more flexible, more agile and more productive.

We have also spent lots of effort in continuous communication with employees. Our company carried out employee surveys regularly to get instant feedback, organized meetups to introduce updates and to give feedback, as well as set up a certain contact channel to provide quick support when necessary. All these actions aim to help us make sure transparency during Pilot and therefore enhance the employee’s satisfaction.

  • Positive feedback from employees

We have received positive feedback from our employees. The most obvious benefit for employees is saving a lot of commuting time every day and therefore better managing their schedule. “What is more, New Normal allows to manage the work time with more flexibility because I have to collaborate with global colleagues in different time zones.” said May. Another colleague Alex has also shared, “New Normal work model is a tendency now. We should adapt to it and make it one of our routines.”

What never changes is change itself. We believe that “New Normal” will eventually become THE normal way of work and life. For now, we are more than confident to accept the changes and challenges coming in the future.