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Numbers to Discover Test Community’s Achievements in 2019

DB Schenker Test Community is an IT professional group that aims to share trends in testing area and good practice in DB Schenker, as well as to help related engineers to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons in our company.

In 2019, this community has contributed a lot to this purpose and after reading these numbers, you will get a full picture quickly.

Test Community has organized 9 times of sharing meetings in 2019. Every time, there are about 40 people from around the world to attend these meetings in average. The followers of Test Community have increased by 4 times from the first talk in May, 2018 to the recent one in November, 2019.

There are 3 main topics that are shared in 2019, which are of great significance for the technology development in DB Schenker and they are:

  • Test Management Handbook

This handbook is the guidance for all testing engineers in DB Schenker. Based on the 1st version of handbook published in 2018, Test Community keeps the spirit of self-iteration and has released another two versions of this handbook in 2019, with the content increased to 9 chapters and more topics included, such as test case design, test report writing and risk analysis. According to the survey on it, 96.5% of respondents would like to recommend this handbook to others.

  • Automation Testing

Automation Testing is the tendency happening in testing field, which will better improve the efficiency of testing workload. TA3S (Test Automation as a Service) is promoted in TSC Solution Quality now, which will reduce time and risk of application deployments by developing and maintaining of automated Test Scripts, therefore enabling fast and continuous delivery. Besides, the community also shared 2 examples of automation test from internal and external, encouraging all testers to stay hungry for new technology.

  • Security Test

Security is on the top of the list for every IT system, as well as all multinational companies. So does DB Schenker. Therefore, a brief introduction to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) was shared, while penetration testing has also been introduced, including 1 useful tool and 4 attack techniques that are used to mock hackers’ behavior to pre-test the security level of software.

In the end, how many numbers do you find in this article? And how did you learn about DB Schenker Test Community now?