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TSC Nanjing - 10th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary celebration & ceremony in Nanjing was a great success! Time flies, TSC Nanjing has experienced its first decade since 2009. The year 2019 is a great milestone for us with sweet memories from the past 10 years. TSC Nanjing has been adhering to the concept of providing innovative logistics global solutions. The determination of delivering best solutions stays unchanged throughout the decade even though new technologies emerge every day. As the start of the celebration, a video of 10-year Milestones demonstrates the history of TSC Nanjing since the site's establishment. We are memorizing the milestones as well as it is an opportunity to go through the journey which allows us to set up new goals for the future.

A TSC movie follows, which was made by talents amongst our colleagues. It gives the audiences an overview of TSC departments and their functions by telling an interesting KONGFU story. The Panel Discussion comes up after the movie, indicates the prospect and the direction of the site, and the long-term strategies.

We received best wishes via greeting videos from the partners all around the SCHENKER world. It delights TSC staffs with the values of ONE TEAM ONE GOAL and WIN TOGETHER from the Schenker mates. The celebration draws to its end with a Time Capsule sealing ceremony. The whole event is a great success with no doubt. It brings the team together to review the past and look forward to the future with full of confidence. The 10th anniversary becomes a new start point for TSC Nanjing. There would be difficulties and challenges on the way, however if we PUSH our LIMITS as ONE TEAM with ONE GOAL the future will be brilliant.