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TSC Nanjing: 1st Agile Community Unconference

Agile Community started its first Unconference in TSC Nanjing on June 4th. 18 colleagues from different functions join this activity, discussing and sharing their experience and best practice together. After brief introduction of this meeting at the very beginning, all participants were invited to gather their interested topics on the whiteboard and voted for 4 popular ones of all, including Requirement Engineering, Quality, Story Point and Meeting Management. Then, they joined different topic groups to share their knowledge, skills, practices among each other and finally delivered what they have with other topic members.

Agile Community comes from the TSC Agile Initiatives, which aims to build and maintain high-quality software solutions with agile, self-managed teams to flexibly and cost efficiently fulfil business needs and deliver early business value together with Partners from IT & Business until 2022.

“We don’t want to claim that we have already been AGILE by just putting on a T-shirt with an Agile logo. Instead, we would like to use an agile style and attitude towards this Initiative and that is why we started the Agile Community, encouraging all TSCers to exchange their ideas of agile topics to help us step further in Agile.” said Duke Shi, Application Lead in PPM TSC Nanjing, also one of 8 Agile Initiative members. 

In Agile Community, participants would have opportunities to exchange views and topics, learn from other participants and other Agile Masters, make new contacts and expand network, and also take new ideas and insights for what you are working on. Just as Anna Yang shared on the unconference, it is a good opportunity to discuss Agile related challenges and skills with cross-function colleagues here.