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Boost IT employees into Cloud Talents - TSC Nanjing's new talent development program

With the accelerated development of cloud technology, the demand for talented professionals in the cloud area has risen dramatically.

In a commitment to employee development, DB Schenker TSC Nanjing initiated the 1st round of the Cloud Runner Program in July 2021. Our Cloud Runner Program provides certain IT employees with professional course learning, on-the-job project training, and experience exchange opportunities in cloud fields to help them grow into Cloud experts.

  • Program initiators: it would benefit both our company and employees

Jake Ma - IT Manager: Cloud-native delivers huge benefits for DB Schenker in terms of agility, stability, and security of software solutions. Talents who can develop and operate cloud-native software will be the key factor to our future success.

Sarah Ma - HR Manager: Cloud Runner Program is an important part of talent management and development actions in TSC Nanjing. Our aim is to support the implementation and development of the company's strategy by providing talent training in specific technical areas, as well as to support the individual development of our IT employees.

  • How does our employee feel about this program?

Taylor Chen: I am a software development engineer, and I usually learn and use more technical knowledge related to development, but I don’t know much about the cloud.

Now, cloud deployment has become an inevitable trend in the development of the company and the entire industry, so I also want to explore more in the "cloud" world.

Although I have participated in two DevOps Workshops organized by the company before, most of the concepts are only at the theoretical level and have not been applied to actual projects.

I hope that by participating in this project, I can learn more about cloud-related technologies, gain some valuable practical experience, enrich my "tool kit", and provide more efficient and reliable technical support for the team to move the project to the cloud in the future.