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Group of young professionals.
European Young Professionals Program
European Young Professionals Program Apply now

European Young Professionals Program


With the Young Professionals Program, we are investing in YOUR future. Because YOUR future is OUR future. 

As an environmental pioneer in the global logistics arena, DB Schenker is setting the standard for efficient use of the resources available to us. As society continues to face greater pressures to protect the environment, the transportation sector is being called on to make a considerable contribution to these efforts. We’re committed to leading the way in the environmental protection movement by becoming the leading green logistics services provider.

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What you will experience in the 2-year program

With joining the European Young Professionals Program your way is set for exciting international projects, sustainable impact, professional development and of course the collaboration with people across Europe. By taking ownership of your work and team up with other great and passionate minds, you can drive excellence in the biggest Region at Schenker, where more than 55.000 people in more than 44 European countries deliver nothing less than excellence for our customers. For that, we rely on your diversity of thought, the willingness to take initiative to make things better for our customers and to be agile enough to deal with many different and diverse colleagues that need to be on board for the greater good of Schenker in Europe and Schenker globally.

Working in the Regional Head Office for Europe brings a unique way to grow within a global company and develop some of the most important skills for today´s and tomorrow´s work environment:

  1. bringing people along and be successful together: ONE Team ONE goal is one of our most important values where people with diverse backgrounds and interests need to be engaged.
  2. Learning agility: stepping out of your comfort zone to experience new things, challenging your own and other´s way how to do things, and applying experience you have made in new contexts and assignments.  
  3. Balancing stakeholder needs: our world gets more complex, but also connected. You will learn how to bring different perspectives together from people that help you being successful.
  4. Communication: knowing in which way to communicate what to a variety of audiences and being able to state your perspective in a concise, clear and impactful way.
  5. Collaboration: this is a major skill in our company that you will master, especially, when it comes to working on different projects and initiatives together in diverse teams (with colleagues from the global Head Office, other regions and countries in Europe).

Young Woman and Man standing at a desk in front of servers. The program as such consists of several rotations (mainly 4-5 months) within the most important areas of the respective business. Besides a rotation abroad to one of our European countries you can also experience a cross-assignment into specific areas like sustainability, digitalization etc. The program is set up to blend your unique qualities with a tailored development approach, providing you with the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. This is a dynamic and multifunctional role designed to provide incredible opportunities which involve working with our top leaders and will directly impact our business. You will be facing challenging assignments that take you out of your comfort zone, but also professional trainings that help you master the challenges. A Senior Leader will be your Mentor in support you progressing with your career at DB Schenker.
Depending on how you are doing and what your preferences are, we provide further opportunities to develop more into a leadership role or towards a more Senior Expert roles.

Program at a glance  
  • Getting to know the business – visiting different products, departments and branches
  • Understanding the role – shadowing, observing, learning systems and processes
  • Meet your Mentor/Sponsor
  • Building the network - meeting first department, key stakeholders


  • 3 rotations between 4-5 months in first program phase: 1. Regional Head Office (RHO) target department; 2. abroad in a country operation; 3. in a different Business Field or Support Function
  • 2 rotations with increased responsibility and exposure (e.g. as project/initiative lead) in second program phase
  • Presentations and meetings with Board members
  • Dedicated assignments to build up expertise and gain critical experience to build relevant knowledge and strengthening important skills
  • Learnings and experiences are dedicated to make program participants successful in a role after the program
  • Set up of rotation program with clear learning goals for rotations
  • Reflective presentation after each rotation / Regular Feedback and Career discussions


  • Regular exchange with Mentor (Senior Leader)
  • Meeting career sponsor (Board Member)
  • Getting support from a Buddy to transition into the role and company 
  • Networking through business-critical projects
  • Peer on Peer coaching (with other Young Professionals) 


  • Strengthening self-awareness through development assessment
  • Setting up an individual development plan
  • Functional specific trainings and global development offers
  • Mentoring, Peer Coaching and Specific Development Offers are all targeted at the individual need of the program participants

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We are looking for YOU

  • YOU are a Graduate with an above average degree and gained relevant working experience. 
  • YOU are an independent, entrepreneurial thinking team person who is eager to take responsibility in order to drive projects and initiatives forward. 
  • YOU get inspired by being part of a Global Logistics Leader that moves the industry towards more sustainable solutions. 
  • YOU come with a curiosity to learn new things and to always look to improve our way of doing things. 
  • YOUR analytical thinking and perseverance help you solve problems.
  • YOU enjoy involving people and bringing them along with YOU. 
  • YOU feel comfortable with complex challenges in intercultural contexts where you prove an open mind for diverse perspectives and collaboration. 
  • YOU enjoy involving people and bringing them along with YOU. 
  • YOU are fluent in English (written and spoken).


Please submit your application via the application form.

If you have further questions and request, please feel free to contact us via email.