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We live our company values and we love to celebrate our culture and teammates.

We also take care of the environment, have high standards on diversity and inclusion and improve in the areas of innovation and digitalization.

One important part of sustainability is protecting the environment. Here are some tips for you and your team!  

  • If you live close to your working place: Walk or cycle to work. If you live far; use public transport or share your vehicle with other people. If everyone carpools once a week, traffic would be reduced by 20%.
  • Unplug and turn off when not in use: When rooms are not in use, turn off the lights. Unplug small appliances and turn off computers when no one is using them.
  • Work together with colleagues to learn about and create rainwater harvesting bins that can be used to supplement the office’s water supply.
  • Ask yourself about your waste production: Do you use coffee to go cups or bring your own? Do you take plastic cutlery when offered?

We are ALL biased in the way we think and act towards others – even when we don’t notice it. Unconscious bias happens when we treat someone (or a group of people) differently based upon certain hidden stereotypes we might have about them or someone similar to them e.g. culture, age, genders.

When we reflect upon our own biases, we can start to change our own behavior and make sure that we treat our fellow teammates fairly.

How to overcome our unconscious bias:

1. Self-reflect

  • Think about how you treat your fellow teammates and identify in which instances you might display bias towards certain teammates.
  • Ask your teammates to let you know when you are behaving unfair or biased towards them.

2. Learn

  • Take the time to learn about different cultures, races, religions and backgrounds represented by your teammates.
  • Ask your co-workers to share some of the customs and practices associated with their cultures.
  • Celebrate special days together and congratulate your colleagues.

3. Be respectful

  • Treat people in a way they wish to be treated rather than the way you wish to be treated.
  • Common social activities and practices that are comfortable for you may not be comfortable for everyone.
  • Do not tell offensive jokes that may alienate those who are different from you — even if they are not present at the time.

4. Provide feedback

  • Participate in employee engagement surveys and respond as openly and honestly as possible.
  • Share with your colleagues/supervisor when you feel that they have treated you unfairly.
  • Be willing to accept feedback and listen to the concerns of those around you as well.

5. Welcome ideas

  • Ask for opinions that are different from your own.
  • Support fellow teammates when sharing their ideas.

6. Speak up

  • Report discrimination and unfair treatment (whistleblower information).

We push limits. With you and our innovation team we are making DB Schenker future-ready and facilitate the work of our teammates.


Do you have any examples of collaboration and teamwork you would like to share with us and your teammates?

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